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Demo post for internal linking

There is a great tool built into WordPress to let you link to other things that you have already written. I might want to link to another blog post, or maybe to my about page. It works like this.

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Non-Traditional Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving has never been my favorite holiday. On a scale from the first Monday back to work after a 3-week vacation and Christmas or a 21st Birthday, it ranks someplace between Arbor Day and Flag Day. After today, I’m a … Continue reading

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When Smart, Funny, and Nice are Not Enough

The tweet read, “Oh my, I think I followed this guy on twitter…” with a link to a local newspaper article. I nearly fell out of my chair when I read the name and realized that I knew him. Not well, but … Continue reading

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PC to Mac Part 2: The Exploration Continues

Apple’s Snow Leopard is beautiful. It’s logical. It’s painfully consistent. However, its keyboard and mouse commands are NOT intuitive. They’re easy to remember, but only after you RTFM. Intuitive means you should be able to figure things out without searching … Continue reading

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Moving from PC to Mac: The Background

I’ve been using a PC since before Microsoft released Windows. I worked on Windows 3.1, played a bit with Windows ’95 and ’98, and didn’t even mind Windows ME (even though it didn’t have proper USB support). Windows XP was … Continue reading

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